• Dear friends! This forum is visited by hundreds of people every day. All of them are looking for answers to their questions. And these questions became very much. If you understand the MQL, then we invite you to join the forum team as a Specialist.
    In return, you will get it: https://www.mqlforum.com/threads/20498/

We need Specialists!


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Hello friends!

Very soon this site will be a very popular in category of sites about MetaQuotes Language - is our plan, and for its performance we intend to work hard. This will be a truly independent and open knowledge source. It will be the Community. And we invite you to participate the process of live of this Community. We really need to specialists of MetaQuotes Language.

Why do you need it? Well, except for a pleasant and useful communication and fame in such circles (if you are not known yet) and Specialists (and only they) have the ability to automatically placed an any advertising in each of they post (as signature).

How to begin? Look at https://www.mqlforum.com/forums/, choose any topic that you know and share your knowledge. Reply in the threads and create interesting new. After a few helpful threads/replies write me in the PM. We will check your publications and assign you a Specialist status.

All questions and suggestions please write to this topic.
This topic will be implement as new information soon.