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Metatrader 5 Api Delphi

Metatrader 5 Api Delphi. I propose to discuss it!
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Possible pre-conditions for start the discussion: 1). delphi not installed. function AccountCurrency_MT4(handle: integer) : pchar; external tzmt4api.dll; function AccountCurrency_MT4(hanle: integer) : pchar; stdcall;... etc. 2). Calling MT4 commands externally (e.g. from C++) Platform Tech... etc. 3). Somebody asked about doing Named Pipes from MT4 to communicate with another program, so here is the interface and some sample code. This is a DLL-free solution, …... etc. 4). Windows Investment Software Software. Free, secure and fast downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory - SourceForge.net... etc. 5). Торговая платформа MetaTrader 5 предназначена для проведения торговых операций на различных... etc. 6). ForexConnect API ... "Hello, I wish to use FOREXCONNECTAPI with the language DELPHI. Is it possible ?, and ..." · "Hi nicolas40, You can work with ForexConnect in... etc. 7). [mt4-api.zip] - .NET API for Metatrader 4 [EA-COLLECTION.rar] - mt4 EA (外汇自动交易程序) 大全,由网友及本人从网上收集而来。收录EA源... etc. 8). FIX Antenna® .NET has been designed to provide native support of Microsoft .NET technologies enabling quick and easy integration into any custom .NET application. It... etc. 9). [MT4api.rar] - 一个中文版的介绍MT语言的说明文档和API说明, 对想进行MT编程的人很重要, 本文档很难找哟 [MT4-api.zip] - .NET API for... etc. 10). After importing history and preparing data for testing by generating ticks (preparing your historical data for testing), we can start testing some trading strategy.... etc.